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For the first time, a fully automated, fully integrated device can provide molecular testing in a way that delivers meaningful multiplexing capability at an affordable price. The Encompass family of workstations provides a one-stop solution, from sample application to result for molecular testing needs today and in the future.

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Rheonix announces breakthrough environmental monitoring technology with the Listeria PatternAlert™ assay
Automated method enables rapid identification of recurring Listeria patterns direct from enriched sample in six hours

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NYU and Rheonix Collaborators Adapt HIV Test in Developing Rapid Diagnostic Test for Zika Virus
Zika Test Uses Saliva to Detect Both Nucleic Acids and Antibodies of the Virus

Food & Beverage

Our products are open and adaptable, allowing laboratories to develop assays for testing foods and beverages. Call us today to find out how Rheonix can work for your lab.