October 2014

Most Innovative Cities-Ithaca, Featuring Greg Galvin, Ithaca Tech Power

It may not be Silicon Valley or New York City -- but Ithaca, N.Y., is working hard to position itself as a startup hub. The city is home to three colleges, including Cornell University, which has heavily invested in fostering bright, entrepreneurial minds. The university offers credits for students who want to take their startups to the next level, and introduced a new program to help students turn their technology designs into… Read More »

Rheonix to Automate FFPE Tissue Samples for Next Generation Sequencing and Other Advanced Analytical Systems

ITHACA, N.Y. — Rheonix Inc., a developer of fully automated molecular diagnostics solutions, has been granted patent 8,852,919 “Microfluidic Apparatus, Method, and Applications” for its automated molecular system, the EncompassMDx™. This recent patent will help researchers and clinicians analyze tissue samples preserved in paraffin more efficiently, at a lower cost and with higher processing throughput. The ‘919 patent automates a liquid-liquid extraction process that easily removes paraffin from preserved tissue samples… Read More »