Rheonix Announces Patent for its Microfluidic Lamination Technology

Ithaca, NY — Tuesday, January 12, 2010 — Rheonix, Inc. announced that on October 27, 2009 the U. S. Patent and Trademark Office issued Patent Number 7,608,160, Laminated Microfluidic Structures and Method for Making, the first grant of U. S. patent rights for the Company’s microfluidic lamination technology. A patent claiming the same technology has also issued in China.

“These patents recognize the unique contribution that inventors Dr. Peng Zhou and Lincoln Young have made to the field of integrated microfluidic devices and its promise of widely-available, high-value analytical instruments”, said Tony Eisenhut, Rheonix President and CEO. Rheonix’s technology presents a method for making polymeric microfluidic structures, the layers of which are bonded together by means of a weak solvent agent.

In addition to this key patent, Rheonix has multiple, pending, patent applications filed world-wide on the technology, its uses, and subsequent devices that will take advantage of its core technology.

The Rheonix approach provides a versatile platform for the development of commercially-viable diagnostic products. The long-sought promise of microfluidics—the integration of all operations on chip to enable “sample in, results out” functionality—is finally a commercial reality with devices produced by Rheonix. Once the user loads the raw clinical samples onto Rheonix’s microfluidic device, all further processing, from sample preparation through readout of the final results, takes place on the disposable device with the protocols under software control by the host instrument.

To date, the Company is developing its products for human in-vitro molecular testing of viruses, genotyping for personalized medicine, and molecular detection of food and water borne pathogens.

Rheonix receives FDA Emergency Use Authorization for Automated COVID-19 Test.
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