Rheonix to Automate FFPE Tissue Samples for Next Generation Sequencing and Other Advanced Analytical Systems

ITHACA, N.Y. — Rheonix Inc., a developer of fully automated molecular diagnostics solutions, has been granted patent 8,852,919 “Microfluidic Apparatus, Method, and Applications” for its automated molecular system, the EncompassMDx™. This recent patent will help researchers and clinicians analyze tissue samples preserved in paraffin more efficiently, at a lower cost and with higher processing throughput.

The ‘919 patent automates a liquid-liquid extraction process that easily removes paraffin from preserved tissue samples without the use of organic solvents and time-consuming steps performed by highly trained personnel. The automated extraction process maintains the tissue in an aqueous environment that is more compatible with post-extraction analysis, such as next-generation sequencing (NGS). The patented process has been demonstrated in the deparafinnization of formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue for NGS analysis, and has also been used in the multiplexed endpoint analysis of somatic mutations in the KRAS gene.

The novel liquid-liquid extraction method is unique to Rheonix and when used in conjunction with a Rheonix CARD® cartridge, can be employed to automatically deparaffinize the sample and then seamlessly purify DNA and RNA, including microRNA. Once extracted and purified on the CARD, the nucleic acids can further manipulated through amplification or other methods, generating a tissue-specific genomic sample. This sample can be presented for analysis via a host of analytical systems such as NGS, mass spectrometry, Digital Droplet PCR or any other method that requires purified genetic material.

“The ‘919 patent is truly a groundbreaking achievement that provides further validation of the Rheonix CARD system. More importantly, it continues the incredible pace of development of process tools that serve to catalyze the rapid adoption of NGS instruments and other advanced analytical systems. The elimination of the time-consuming and complex sample preparation steps associated with these methods has been seen as a significant bottleneck to the widespread clinical adoption of NGS analysis. This fully automated sample preparation system will help bring powerful tools such as NGS, Digital Droplet PCR and mass spec solutions into the hands of clinicians everywhere, instead of confining their use to only the most highly trained and capable institutions,” said Tony Eisenhut, president of Rheonix.

The preserved sample-to-result solution eliminates the need for multiple pieces of existing equipment and the handling of dangerous and volatile extraction chemicals. It also helps make the testing process quicker, more efficient, less expensive and less likely to result in human error. The ‘919 patent is a significant extension of Rheonix’s capabilities to a new class of sample input for analysis using its microfluidic platform.

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