Rheonix Further Expands Intellectual Property Portfolio with Six Patents for Its Microfluidic Systems

ITHACA, N.Y. — Rheonix Inc., a developer of fully automated molecular diagnostics solutions, has been granted six additional patents for its core microfluidic device, the Chemistry and Reagent Device, or CARD® . One patent was issued Feb. 11, while the other five have been allowed but not yet issued.

The Rheonix CARD is a disposable cartridge the size of a credit card that runs multiple samples simultaneously without user intervention. Once a raw sample is placed on the CARD, the automated EncompassMDx™ platform runs through the process of sample extraction, DNA purification, amplification and detection. The sample-to-result solution eliminates the need for multiple pieces of existing equipment, helping to make the testing process quicker, more efficient, less expensive and less likely to result in human error.

The issued patent, U.S. Patent No. 8,646,482, “Microfluidic Pump and Valve Structures and Fabrication Methods,” covers the CARD’s microfluidic component and protects wider material choices and fluidic microfeatures for the CARD cartridge. It is the sixth in a series of patents directed toward the CARD.

The other five allowed patent applications span Rheonix’s capabilities, including lamination techniques, extension of the core microfluidic device, configurations of microfluidic systems and assay techniques for improved nucleic acid purification methods. Taken together, the allowed patent applications highlight the continued novelty of Rheonix’s devices and their utility for diagnostic testing. The five patents are as follows:

  • 13/010,014, “Latent Solvent-Based Microfluidic Apparatus, Methods and Applications”
  • 13/185,619, “Laminated Microfluidic Strucutres and Method for Making”
  • 13/662,824, “Microfluidic Pump and Valve Structures and Fabrication Methods”
  • 13/759,131, “Microfluidic Chips and Assay Systems”
  • 13/400,857, “Microfluidic Device-Based Nucleic Acid Purification Method”

“These patents further extend and enhance Rheonix’s core device and assay systems, which provide a versatile platform for the development of commercially viable diagnostic products,” said Tony Eisenhut, president of Rheonix.

These patents join Rheonix’s previously issued 14 patent families comprising 15 domestic patents and 17 pending patents.

For more information on Rheonix and the Rheonix CARD device, please visit www.rheonix.com.