Rheonix, Inc. to Present Powerful, Automated Molecular Diagnostic Capabilities at TIDES 2011

Ithaca, NY – May 18, 2011—Rheonix, Inc. today announced that Richard A. Montagna, Ph.D., Senior Vice President for Corporate Business Development and Scientific Affairs, will present at the TIDES: Oligonucleotide and Peptide Research, Technology and Product Development conference to be held May 22-25, 2011 in Boston. Dr. Montagna will present new data to support the diagnostic capabilities of Rheonix CARD® (Chemistry and Reagent Device) technology on Wednesday, May 25 at 11:45 a.m.

"Rheonix has integrated the components of molecular diagnostics – raw sample prep, molecular amplification and analysis – in a compact, automated platform," said Tony Eisenhut, President of Rheonix. "Over the second half of 2011 we expect to announce a number of new partnership agreements, publications and milestones towards commercialization. We believe our platform will provide an unmatched ability to automate raw sample analysis in a micro-environment for a broad range of medically important applications."

Dr. Montagna’s presentation is titled "Rheonix CARD Technology: An Innovative and Fully Automated Molecular Diagnostic Device" and is featured in the "Applications of Nucleic Acids Technologies for Molecular Diagnostics" track. Dr. Montagna will highlight the fully automated raw-sample-to-results capabilities of the Rheonix CARD technology in specific assays including multiplex HPV diagnosis, SNP (single nucleotide polymorphism) analysis for personalized medicine, and infectious disease detection.