The Eurofins Microbiology Laboratory Network Now Offering the Rheonix Listeria PatternAlert™ Assay

Eurofins Microbiology Laboratory, Inc. in Mounds View, MN is proud to announce both its new partnership with Rheonix and new offering of the Rheonix Listeria PatternAlert™ assay for Listeria presumptive samples.

The Listeria PatternAlert™ assay enables rapid identification of recurring patterns of Listeria contamination across locations and time. The assay provides a client-specific database of Listeria patterns over time. Customers can use the assay as an alternate to cultural confirmation or an addition to presumptive positives in order to quickly identify and trace back sources of contamination. The information provided allows facilities to rapidly target and eliminate Listeria harborage sites.

Clients can use the information from this new assay to get actionable data from their environmental monitoring program. With this new offering, our customers will have the ability to easily and accurately track and trend strains of listeria in their facilities; learning not just if Listeria is there, but if the same Listeria is persistent.

"Rheonix PatternAlert is an efficient tool to augment your environmental monitoring programs and learn more from what you are already doing to manage risk within your supply chain. The key utility to PatternAlert is that it is cost effective and fast; allowing you the ability to identify resident strains and supply chain risks in real time. Eurofins is very excited to bring an effective and accessible tool to our clients' toolboxes for managing Listeria risks within their facilities and products,” says Joelle Mosso, Chief Science Officer at Eurofins.

The improved accuracy of using strain identification with traceable results enables the following for our customers:

  • Identify and map persistent Listeria patterns directly from enrichment
  • Track sources and locations of contamination
  • Make informed plans to address troubleshoot food safety risks
  • Take corrective action to protect their product from contamination

Contact Eurofins to learn more and find out if the Rheonix Listeria PatternAlert™ assay is a good fit for your business needs.


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