Encompass Workstations

Rheonix’s Encompass family of workstations, the Encompass MDx® and Encompass Optimum™, bring together Rheonix's unique technology and industry-standard automation to provide a powerful workflow and cost-saving model, which will bring to market new tests to serve multiple market opportunities. For a comparison of the MDx® and Optimum™ workstations, please click here.

Rheonix Encompass MDx ® workstation


Encompass Optimum™ workstation

  1. 8.4” inch integrated touch screen interface
  2. 360° Smart Sense alert system
  3. Rheonix CARD® cartridge bay holds 6 test cartridges capable of processing up to 24 samples with Hi-Fy™ microarray
  4. Small footprint


  1. Tecan liquid handler that automates reagent and sample dispensing
  2. User-defined image analysis
  3. Direct tube sampling
  4. Customizable reagent packs
  5. Sample racks can hold up to 24 samples

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Rheonix offers completely customizable molecular detection tools that deliver high density information on any given target in a simple and easy to use sample to result platform.

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