Food & Beverage Testing

At Rheonix, we’ve created one of the most advanced molecular detection systems available for food and beverage testing –  and we’ve made it remarkably easy to use.  Designed with state of the art automation, the Rheonix Encompass Optimum™ workstation combines high multiplexing capabilities with a nearly hands-free workflow.

With the ability to detect many pathogen and spoilage targets directly from an enrichment, the Encompass Optimum workstation provides more information per sample than any other molecular system for food and beverage testing. The fully-automated sample-to-answer system simplifies testing and reduces error. No specialized training is required, and with only one pipette step, labor is reduced and accuracy is improved. The workstation automates all sample preparation, extraction and purification and detects up to 22 targets per sample. Simply place your samples on the workstation and the Encompass Optimum workstation will take care of everything else.


  • Sample in, result out
  • Direct from enrichment
  • Fully automated
  • Integrated sample preparation and detection
  • Detects up to 22 targets per sample

Getting more information from your sample has never been easier!



Available Now

Beer SpoilerAlert™ assay allows breweries to test for organisms that can spoil beer at any point in the manufacturing process.

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Available Now

Listeria PatternAlert™ Assay – Enables 7-hour pattern identification direct from an enriched sample

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Multiplexed detection assays for major foodborne pathogens.

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