Our Technology

For the first time, a fully automated and integrated molecular testing device can deliver meaningful multiplexing capability at an affordable price. The Encompass family of workstations, the Encompass MDx® and Encompass Optimum™, provides a one-stop solution, from sample application to result, for molecular testing needs today and in the future.

One System, Many Samples

The Encompass family of workstations offers industry-leading workflow automation with an uncompromising commitment to quality. Encompass workstations can take almost any raw sample input and automatically lyse, extract, and purify DNA and RNA from up to 24 samples at one time. The system is capable of processing:

  • Fresh tissue, formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded (FFPE) tissue, whole blood, serum, saliva, swabs, and urine
  • Sample volumes from 5 µl to 5 ml, and tissue mass up to 20 mg for integrated nucleic acid testing
  • Up to 24 samples at one time from sample input to result output without operator intervention

One Sample, Many Targets

The Encompass workstations can provide a high degree of multiplexing capability on every sample processed:

  • On-board multiplexing with Hy-Fi Microarray™ of up to 27 target probes per sample
  • Ability to process up to 24 samples at a time

Molecular Testing Made Easy:

Assays performed on the Encompass workstations are enabled by Rheonix CARD® cartridge technology.

The Encompass Optimum™ workstation is for Research Use Only (RUO) and is not for use in diagnostic procedures. The Encompass MDx workstation is not yet cleared by the FDA for in vitro diagnostic use.

Obtain sample

  • Variety of sample types
    • Oropharyngeal swabs
    • Nasal swabs
    • Urine specimens

Place swab in transport buffer & send to lab

  • Preserves samples for transport

Prepare instrument

  • Load sample tubes, pre-packed and ready-to-use reagents, pipette tips, and CARD cartridges
  • Minimal hands-on time of < 5 minutes

Load sample on instrument

  • 12 or 24 samples
  • Barcode capability for positive sample ID
  • Automated sample loading

Press “Start”

  • True “walkaway” capability
  • Instrument does all of the work
  • Completely hands-off

20+ results on each sample

  • Internal control
  • Reports positive, negative, and indeterminate results
  • Easy to visually interpret report